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Un fuerte accidente de tránsito se registró en la mañana de este martes en la avenida Circunvalar con calle 21 en Neiva. En el choque se vieron involucrados cuatro vehículos, un camión Ford 350 de placas WDJ-324; un colectivo Coomotor Nissan de placas VXF-576; un Montero Mitsubishi de placas IBU-210 y una camioneta Ford gris de placas GMC-156. Christy [email protected] Blogger 120 1 25, ... is one of Singapore's leading news and car-buying site which brings you the latest stories on new cars, the car industry, COE news, local issues that Singapore motorists need to know about, and Singapore specs for new cars. Whether it's an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen or a Ferrari you need to know about, you'll find the best and most up-to-date reviews and information here.

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